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The role of physical stores is undoubtedly one of the key differences between jewelry etailers and traditional players. Kela or Zbird are e-commerce players that display a few samples and have a small inventory in brick-and-mortar stores. Customers can expect to wait up to 20 days for their jewels after placing their order via in-store tablets or their own mobile devices. Chinese customers looking for wedding and engagement rings are more likely than to shop in stores. However, they will choose to order customized diamond jewelry online if they don't need to have their family members' opinions. Because customers want to be able to try on expensive jewelry before they buy, retailers tend to keep the most costly items in physical shops.

Social Media is an efficient channel to communicate with customers

Many of the major players in China own their Tmall and JD flagship stores, while WeChat or VIP are the most used social-media platforms that allow users to access jewelry products. WeChat was the most popular Chinese social media site in 2020 with 1.2 billion active users and users . Tencent's multifunctional app is a key part of the O2O strategy for jewelry houses in China. Cartier was the first luxury jewelry company to use WeChat moments ads. Tencent's vast database helped Cartier's WeChat account gain an enormous following. The ads were delivered accurately thanks to Tencent. The limited-edition 150 "Rose" or "Love" bracelets were launched by the French jewelry brand. They are available only on WeChat. These bracelets sold out in a matter of days, but the initiative was primarily intended to increase brand awareness and increase consumer desire for Cartier products.

WeChat, Weibo, Douyin are all witnessing an increase in the number jewelry brands that have a flagship store on these platforms. IDO, a domestic jewelry brand, has 286 000 fans at Douyin. It is regarded as one of the most loved national jewelry houses on Douyin. I DO's most viewed posts on short-video platform are part a series romantic marriage proposals, which is divided into approximately 30 episodes.

Additionally, live streaming sales has grown in popularity for all major jewelry brands. This category is ranked fourth in terms of livestreaming sales in 2020.

Jewels have a great tale to tell​​​​

In order to meet the needs of customization-demanding younger consumers, main players in China's jewelry market are enhancing their O2O strategy and enhancing customer experience by integrating online and offline features. LVMH-owned Chaumet lets customers measure their fingers in 360° on their mini Program. Cartier also offers custom-made services such as engraving, gift-wrapping and white-glove delivery via TMall.

To grab Chinese consumers' attention, jewelry houses heavily rely on storytelling to stand out from the crowd. While foreign brands are known for their rich history and deep-rooted heritage, Chinese brands place more emphasis on design, social responsibility, quality raw materials, and cost-effectiveness.

The nature of the products is another big difference between domestic and foreign brands. One, timeless pieces made by big brands are seen as timeless and highly versatile. On the other, local brands offer younger, more fashion-forward jewels that target Gen-Z as shown by , and YIN.

High-end luxury buyers in China consider sustainability a priority. According to TrendLens 2021 a study that covered thousands of individuals from six countries, 88% Chinese high-end jewel consumers took into consideration brands' social responsibility when purchasing luxury goods. 89% of Chinese interviewees stated that they are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. The trend is also evident in China's diamond market: 56% of the respondents would be willing to pay 10% to 20% more for a sustainable, high-quality diamond.

Although there is still a bias against artificial diamonds, moissanite has been growing in popularity among Chinese Gen-Z customers. Young couples want more affordable weddings so they are more inclined to buy lab-grown gems. This trend was accelerated by the pandemic, which saw couples opt to invest their money in other commodities.

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