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We were ecstatic when we arrived at Incheon International Airport. Incheon International Airport. I did many researches about South Korea and brought with me the shopping list that I had prepared prior to departure. There was nothing that could be left out. determined to make our trip memorable!

Despite having constantly remind ourselves not to be rough with your bags' pockets, you came to home with bags full of Korean food. We spent lots of money shopping in Seoul and Jeju Island, fully utilising every compartment of our bags to store the things we purchased. Similar to Singapore, South Korea is an excellent spot for shopping. If you're traveling to South Korea, here are my recommendations.

-- Korean Ginseng --

A pricey and nutritious plant, Korean Ginseng is widely acknowledged for its capacity to help balance it's "chi" in the body which is beneficial for the overall health of can benefit the is the human body. I was informed by the salesperson about the possibility that Korean Ginseng can also be beneficial in relieving cramps that occur during menstrual cycles in women. It is grown by the mountains. The Korean Ginsengs, which range between to 6 and 4 years old are extracted and then are sold. The older the Korean Ginseng is, the more expensive it will cost.

Alongside the traditional "white" Korean Ginseng that I previously mentioned, you'll also be able to find the one called as"red" Ginseng inside South Korea. It is known as Red Ginseng is prepared by treating "white" Korean Ginseng in Chinese herbs, giving it a red-colored color. It has been found to be effective in treating male erectile dysfunction.

Alongside being one of the primary ingredients in numerous Korean foods, such as the ones of Ginseng Chicken, Korean Ginseng can be eaten whole in tiny slices or powder. Because Korean Ginseng can be a bit bitter, you may be interested in buying Honey-infused Korean Ginsengs. The sweetness of honey could help lower its bitterness Korean Ginseng quite some.

If you find Korean Ginseng too expensive, Korean Ginseng products such as rice cakes and ginseng-based candy are a great, low-cost option. Korean Ginseng and other products made from Ginseng are available in many shops throughout Seoul.

-- Amethyst --

We visited an amethyst store within Seoul. Amethyst is a stone with a deep purple shade and is a favourite of women all over the world. I was amazed by the creativeness of Koreans and the incredible craftsmanship in their jewelry. The stunning pieces of amethyst jewelry , I discovered a bracelet made of amethyst that is able to be folded into an elongated clover necklace This one has "WOW" written all over my face!!

We were told by the person selling the product that amethysts can be found in two grades: grade A, and Grade B. Amethysts from Grade A have a darker shade and more expensive and Grade B amethysts can be more expensive but are lighter in color. Send some ideas to your loved ones. You may get an amethyst pendant for your birthday!

-- Honey --

Honey is excellent for relieving any discomfort due to throat pain. If you're going to Jeju Folk Village, Jeju Folk Village purchase yourself a jar of honey. They're the perfect gift for someone returning at home! Here's an idea that you could try. Two spoons of Korean Honey into a bowl and then add the addition of water. Gently shake (not shake) the bowl, allowing any extra honey to stay in the bottom. You'll notice that polygons with the same dimensions as beehives' cells start to appear in honey!

-- Kimchi --

Kimchis are fermented, and are served alongside each Korean dinner. Kimchis are made of various vegetables, including cucumber as well as cabbage and the radish. Red-colored and hot spices are sprinkled over the vegetables and then stored in large jars to be fermented. The hot and spicy food is popular within Korean foods. Kimchi is sold in airtight containers and can be found in all supermarkets throughout South Korea. To avoid the smell of your refrigerator, make sure to keep your Kimchi within airtight containers after the time that you've removed the packaging.

There are a lot of things to do in the street in South Korea, and it is hard to cover all of it in this article. If you enjoy shopping and looking to take a trip to South Korea! I'm sure that you'll go shopping until you're filled!


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